"uniquely nonviolent"


Download "juxtaposition"
and do-it-yourself page

We wish you the opportunity to learn and enjoy our uniquely non-violent strategy board game (juxtaposition right now while we are working on designing it for production.

  • download each file
  • set printer to "fit to page", if possible
  • print each file in color
  • cut board pages along centerline (1&2)
  • align and glue board halves to a backing
  • glue the pieces sheet to a backing (3)
  • trim playing board to size
  • trim pieces to size
  • read the instructions (4&5)
  • enjoy juxtaposition
  • have another good IDea today
A unique nonviolent adult-adult, child-child and adult-child outstanding excellent strategy board game to be played and enjoyed two at a time.  
from Paul Talmadge and Joseph Lynders   Click on the numbers above to open